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HEY. Fucking read this.

April 29th, 2012 (06:33 pm)

So I realized most of the people I consider my TDF peers are now more or less gone from TDF. Can you give me a few sentences as to "what happened" or what, if anything would bring you back? Did you outgrow it? Did you get a life? Get into a fight? 

Basically: What would make TDF "better"? New rules, less rules, new mods, more mods, new look? Should people who don't talk about their daemon/form much anymore be allowed to stay on TDF? Should we evolve into The Personality Typing Forum to keep up with everyone else's interests? (joking, unless you guys think that's a good idea >> then I'm totally down) 

My opinion:

TDF is way too fucking depressing. Jesus christ. I get that it feels good to let things out but there are definitely some things we can save for livejournal, not a forum where we talk about our invisible friends. And not a forum full of young, impressionable teenage girls. Depression, suicide, self hatred and self mutilation is not healthy to be around, I'm sorry. Kids come here, fall in love with the community, look up to the older members, see the older members posting really depressing things, and then they start thinking about their lives and what they're going to post on TDF when they get home and that's not good for emotional teenagers. Top Secret is a bubbling mass of teen angst and it's easy to get sucked in. 

Other huge problem: These threads are becoming a "post once and you're done" kind of thing? We need to discuss and argue, not post and walk away. Remember when we used to fight about everything? Don't you miss that? :P

Some other ideas:
-Separate the support group from the daemon stuff. Maybe the serious suicidal posts can go on the Mature Forum instead.  
-Get rid of General Chat, or TS/Shout, or start new threads over with a couple new rules in place.

Things I don't really want to touch right now, but will still listen to concerns about:
-age limits

P.S., you should post on this now because eventually it's going to feedback~

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(no subject)

February 18th, 2012 (11:56 pm)

I got rid of a bunch of people recently because of dead LJs, if you haven't posted to yours in the last year but still read mine, or if I removed you on accident for some reason (because I suck), comment here!

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December 2nd, 2007 (04:38 pm)

~comment to be added

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